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“digitaltechinfo.com” wish to give a soft introduction about my vision towards helping people for their better future. I am a banker by profession and blogging is my hobby. Besides, I am a science graduate with a PG certified IT degree with More than 5 years of experience in the finance and IT sector. I belong to a small family living in a small town called sundargarh in Odisha in India. I and my team consist of three members at digitaltechinfo.com. Being a family we are wishing u a warm welcome and overwhelmed you in our newly created website digitaltechinfo.com. My team and I urge u to become a client, reader, and reliable visitor at digitaltechinfo.com whenever u feel it does come and visit again.

We are dedicated to giving u information about knowledge, education, the latest technology, the latest trend the world acquires today. The world is trending towards the fastest and growing technology evolution. In order to coup up with the present scenario, digitaltechinfo.com committed to giving new ideas and techniques to their client. we are happy for u as you showed interest in reading our about page section. You are here on our website by sparing your valuable time, We appreciate it a lot and your contribution gives us the inner strength to built good content for you.

A little story about awareness between being tech-savvy vs non-tech-savvy.

There was a village called Hamirpur in Rourkela Odisha in India where people used to watch the popular news channel on television every Sunday evening .one day the news broadcast its news and announced about the launching of mobile news app to broadcast their news on the app.the tech-savvy people installs the app in their mobile being aware of the benefits for the early announcement.

One day a storm came and the village faced power cut for a couple of days. most of the people were born the tragedy and remain in the dark without any interest in news about their village. But the tech-savvy people were aware of the next disastrous storm which was about to come next Sunday evening.

Knowing news of pre-broadcast sessions on mobile, most of the tech-savvy people tried to save their lives, and also some of them ran to save other lives. In this rush, some people belonged to non-tech-savvy save their life moving to a safe place but most of the people lost their existence in this disaster. houses were extinct and lost their identity. Most of the people dead as well on this catastrophe.

The basic information about the story of this article was the awareness of the adoption of technology. Those who adopt it were got the gift of life. And the shift in the trending scenario was the wiser option to choose from the older one.

the purpose for which the website digitaltechinfo.com was created.

As the world is changing and moving toward technology reforms, it is necessary to know about the reform which will determine and shape the near future. Now Technology is everywhere and almost touched every corner of the world. The global economic survey was given clear data about the past recession. How a growing economy could be lost its identity and go in vain due to the no adoptions of technology. knowing the fact financial security is the main factor to which we have to concern about. Here at digitaltechinfo.com, we are happy for those people who want to know the reforms for their financial security. We are sure about the fact that learning and knowing is the best policy to prepare yourself for the future tragedy if any.


What are the topics we cover at digitaltechinfo.com for our clients?

we are focusing on overall development in various fields like science, technology, marketing, health, education, etc .although it is difficult to cover all but we will try to give our best efforts. our post is for learning and sharing tools you must use. You can try to motivate others to put this fact in work that you have acquired through learning.

Here at digitaltechinfo.com, we are providing a brief idea about digital marketing, digital technology, human psychology, international marketing, network marketing, and many more topics u searching for .so stay tuned to our website digitaltechinfo.com for new updates. We are providing our valuable information through our blog post. We are recommended you to please read and go through the information available at our blog post. We are able to publish all this only because of lots of researching and exploring the sources available today through the internet. so please go through all this. I hope u will enjoy it a lot.

Greetings from digitaltechinfo.com.

I congratulate and wish u a happy and prosperous life for u and for ur family for a better future.

Yours sincerely,

Founder of digitaltechinfo.com


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