ads transparency spotlight a new chrome extension launched by Google.

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If you are a website visitor then this news is helpful. U might have seen many ads appear on the webpage. Have u ever think about the source from where they appear?. If yes then google now going to launch a new extension called ATS( Ads Transparency spotlight). Visitors can see and make them useful. This facility will extend the user experience while surfing the web. This technology gives extra features of exploring the advertisers on a webpage.

The extension Ads Transparency spotlight is in now Alfa status that means it is in the testing stage but functional. The process will progress soon as indicated by Google. However, users can view the Ads resources with this Alfa marked extension. The user manages to view the purpose of ads, it’s company. Besides, the location of the image appearance and the company that launched it. Why they see these ads, their purpose of showing ads everything can be traced.

The features of the Ads Transparency spotlight.

According to ZDNet reports these part functional extension used by google is user friendly. Google believes his clients would get a transparent effect on this product. In addition to that users get a more reliable and secure surfing experience. This results in more flexibility and better reliability on Google. Ads Transparency spotlight enhances the user experience of how his personal data is used by Google. When a user visits any website it accepts cookies. Furthermore, these cookies are small files identifying user personal data. Users will now feel secure when he discovers the transparency ads data report by himself.

Google is using this ATS (Ads Transparency spotlight ) with the help of a new API called ads discloser schema. With the implementation of these ads, discloser schema users will get extraordinary sharing options. besides, advertisers have Got a uniform system of sharing platforms. They share their ads tool on how they use them to promote. Besides, The purpose of their service for a particular client, etc. Ads transparency spot lite also reveal the tech company profile, how many sponsors involved and company background
(for example, content delivery networks or analytics providers) all lists can be displayed on the same page where users lands.

Now Google is the first search engine to initiate this type of technology extension Ads Transparency spotlight. However, it is a great inspiration for other search engines also. Following to this fact, the other search engine would also implement it soon in the upcoming days.



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