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Today online marketing is on its peak and continues to trend day by day. Looking into the importance of the marketing scenario you have to make a choice to own a business strategy. If you are a web site owner then content marketing strategy would be your first and last choice to work on. Before that, you have to understand the concept of strategies for making rich and creative content.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a protocol and a part of the digital marketing strategy. To analyze it better, first, we have to explore its purpose on a website. Besides, we have to understand its various channels where we are going to prompt it. Moreover, a website without content is just like having a body without a living mind and soul. Furthermore, you would say a picture without colors, watching a movie without characters, and so on.

your first goal would be on your website to give quality content to your visitor. So that they would have a strong reason to come back to see your post again.

Make content marketing policy to your first choice.

To understand the need for choice, we have to first understand its countable features. In how many structures does it exist and how do we use these in different aspects is a technique to learn.

Besides, it’s structural values depends on its projection and target. The targeted audience u choose may be from your website or it may be from social media or any other distributive platform.

It all depends on how u manage and what u serve to make yourself a recognizable one in your client’s mind is crucial. As soon as you project it right the result would project you towards your desired destination.

The relation between content marketing and the idea of the project.

As a whole content marketing is a part of your projection. The content could be your writing skill or it may be videography or anything else that represents your projected idea. To make a better project of your own idea you have to choose a platform.

This platform could be your website, social media, print media, ads marketing or SMS marketing, and so on. Although, choosing a platform is crucial u need it desperately as you own a project.

Subsequently, after choosing your best platform u have to act accordingly. To have a better activity, u have to make yourself sound enough on your project. So that your activity would deliver your project in the right sense.

Content marketing strategy its platforms

As discussed above now it is clear how it is important to choose the right platform for content marketing. depending upon the strategy and project it is substantial and important. Some of the important platforms for content marketing strategies are cited below. Please go through the below tags for your better understanding.

Examples of content marketing strategy

1. Writing a blog post

Writing a blog post is the best choice and the right platform to generate client engagement. As the visitor searches his product and services through the keyword, a keyword-rich content blog post helps your website to generate organic traffic.

Eventually, the client spends more time and remains engaged with good quality content. The bounce rate starts decreasing with more client engagement. Here a point has to be noted that this result is for good quality content only, and the low-quality content may result in its opposite.

So it is very important to discover how to write rich content.

How to write a rich content marketing post.

Content marketing strategy post

Rich content Writing skills go with four-stage of skill.

1.choosing the Right keyword.

Before writing a content first job is to find the right keyword. In order to find out the keyword, you can take the help of various tools available in the market today. Without keyword research, it is difficult for any content to make an impact on visitors.

In this context, you can choose keyword research tools as your guide. Because it will provide a brief idea and impression about what people searching for. The trend you look for may be different as per expectation. So knowing the people trends in this scenario would help u more prudent and accurate. So after choosing the right keyword you can focus now on the next step.

2. Building a title with the keyword.

After identifying your rich keyword the next step is your title building structure. The title u make must include your keyword in the title of your content. Besides, The title should be within the 60 characters. Subsequently, it should be an informative one. Although, content in your topic is more important the title is more engaging too.

Because the first impression always comes with the title itself. Whenever a visitor comes he would see your title first. If the title is engaging and attractive then he is definitely interested in looking at the topic you have delivered. After the purpose of your title is fulfill you can now focus on the next task.

3. Writing Topic engaging title and keyword.

Our next focus is very important and interesting and it is writing the content. the content you write is must be healthy, rich, and informative. The whole thing you write should give information about your keyword. u can choose words that similar or synonyms of your keyword.

It is recommended that if your content is about 1000 words then the synonyms of similar words should appear in about 200 words i.e 20%. This would indicate the richness of your content how u have executed.

The performance of your topic depends on these parameters only. If you fail to execute it then it would not show the expected result what u want. The main focus of your content is to engage people so deep research is needed accordingly.

In addition to this, poor information might irritate people’s expectations from your website. Keeping these things in mind u can rich your content in every aspect of giving information. The main thing is now how to find rich information about your topic is crucial.

Content creation technics and tips.

  • Find your best keyword by doing deep research through various channels.
  • ​Take the help of Google to find the information idea about your keyword.
  • Type your keyword in Google search.
  • A source among more than millions of pages appears related to your keyword.
  • Go through the informative pages which u select is best for your topic.
  • ​Create headings H1, H2, H3, H4, and so on as applicable to your topic.
  • Describe your H1 headings with keyword and its subheadings with its synonyms to make rich content.
  • Mention your subheading rich with the keyword in the 5:3 ratio.
  • Focus your topic around your keyword and synonyms.
  • Give information related links in the form of inbound and outbound links.
  • Creat enthusiastic views to read more to your related topics.

So these are some best tips to enhance your writing skills. After completing the content building structure the next step is your ending text. And that should be the conclusion text about your topic.

4.conclusion about your keyword.

At the end of your content building structure, the final touch is your conclusion. To write a conclusion is necessary as it indicates the purpose of your goal about your post. This conclusion is also created in such a way that the keyword should mention.

This helps the user and google crawler to understand the purpose of your information. Missing keyword in your conclusion results in a poor climax.

So you should care and try to include your keyword within the ending text. Besides, try to implement all the above tips and techniques in a flowless manner. If u manage in this way then your writing skill would definitely be full of the rich content post.

2.makeing video content

Video posts are the most effective content marketing of all time. Video with information-rich content may be in the form of voice or animation. Most of the content marketers choose this platform as a primary tool. Because video marketing is something where u can practically approach your topic. Besides, u can show images, stories with video editing tools. Most of the company, networker, business owner prefer to make video content to show their profile. This video informations make a good impact on the targeted customer base. There are different categories of customer base, knowing the need and interest the company act accordingly. They hired professional video-makers to promote their profile, product, and services. Video content is the best marketing strategy to date. And looking into the marketing viability and demand it would boom in the next coming years.

3. Displaying ads content on the post

The way today content writing becomes a good strategy to promote the related product, its presentation with ads become a profitable one too. So most of the reputed companies show their product and services through ads content in the post.

Ads content generally shows a company product profile, service profile, discount offer to attract customer’s interest. As the customers wish to read rich content by searching his need on the internet, they also get extra information by looking at ad content available on the same platform.

This technic is nowadays available on every web platform which is rich in content information for users. media

Social media platforms are nowadays gaining popularity day by day. Looking into the popularity marketers, the business owner prepares its content strategy accordingly.

Social media content marketing

The most common and popular platform for social media marketing is U tube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, telegram,watsup, etc.

Among these popular platforms, u tube and Facebook have a huge user base around the world.

Now Facebook has become the content generator for marketers. The short video content that appears on Facebook for users is common now. Whether the user finds his social friends or not but the video content must appear to draw his attention.

Another popular platform u tube is short video content generator help people to find their need. Anyone can search his needy content by simply typing it on the search bar available on U tube. Whether education, sports, health-related content, or anything else, it could be easily accessible on u tube.

5. Podcast audio

In the recent past radio broadcast was famous for listeners but nowadays podcast has replaced it. A podcast is an iPod based broadcast that can be download via the internet. Besides, it comes with a series of episodic conversation digital audio files. Users can download it to his compatible device suit to his interest. These podcasts are time-saving for the users who don’t want to read information sitting for a long time. Nowadays podcasts are famous for celebrity interviews in a live session of conversion broadcast. These channels could also be used as a business making broadcaster for business development.

6. distribution of the pamphlets

Most of the institution, entity, and small business owner distributes pamphlets for their promotion. This platform is another tool in the list of content marketing strategy. This platform is generally used by new entities, business institutions for their popularity. They hire people or groups to distribute their products and services through pamphlets.

The content in these pamphlets is attractive and lures people to avail of its product and services. The content is written in bullet format so that it could be easily accessible with a casual eye. This platform of strategy is less costly as compared to a video marketing strategy. So with the affording circumstances, one can choose either both or only one platform would be great.

7. email content marketing

Some of the business companies collect emails from the users through email stuffing. Besides, they also target per user according to their interest and likes. After analyzing the customer motive they send emails. This email content helps users to find their desired product directly in a single click.

The comprehensive email content also provides an offer with a specific discount. Email content lure user to use their product by sending it regularly.

Besides, the email content generates a scheduled discount offer at a regular interval of time. So that the user someday may buy his product and services by accessing these email notifications.

8. Templates marketing

Templates are the best and attractive way of presentation materials. So these templates could be usee as marketing promotions tools. The designing template is quick and easy to available a piece of rich information for users in a single page view. Therefore most of the website owners own beautiful templates invariably. Looking into the viability nowadays templates are used as content building tools.

9. Case study Article marketing

Case studies are often a good source of content marketing strategy. Because looking into the case study of one user the promoter can describe its success story to any other targeted user for promotion. Case studies can take the kind of blog post, ebook, podcast, and infographic. Your aim in a case study is to demonstrate the people that are considering your product looking the proof. Prior to choosing a customer for a case study, you should determine which kind the testimonial will require and also the country of your business to which you are attempting to drive value.

10.Landing page marketing

Today marketers generate landing pages to sign up or subscribe to their services on the webpage. if the user needs more information then he would have to enter into the landing page of the webpage. Following the growing popularity of this scenario, designers making attractive content describing the landing page.

This landing page is attractive and user friendly. This landing page may be a subscriber letter, signup form, or purchase gateway for a subscriber, and so on. In this landing page a short detailed text or limited content available. So that the purpose of the landing page would fulfill.

11. SMS messaging

Now SMS plays a crucial role to propagate business models to its existing customer. These customers are already having some servicess with the respective company. In addition to that the SMS messaging service areas are part of a marketing strategy to enhance profitability.

SMs facilities are common and popular forms of alternate channels for financial and non-financial institutions nowadays. These facilities improve day by day with the use of smartphones. Besides, gain popularity of the content SMS marketing on mobile phones among users.


Quality content always helps people to seek the best information. So being a writer, author, blogger, marketer, or online seller, u should bring quality content for your client.

If u are successful in accomplishing the above then this blueprint of content marketing strategy will definitely help others to admire their topic a fruitful one. Subsequently, they would feel delighted whenever they search for it.


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