keyword research tool is the best technique u must know how to use.

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Whether u r a website owner or an online product seller you need a keyword research tool. The first and foremost goal is in online marketing is to rank in search engines.

However, to fulfill these goals never be an easy task without understanding the secret behind it. If u are serious about your website to rank,u might have definitely heard about keyword research.

Why Keyword research tool is important?

In today’s marketing trends more than 90% of the business owner depends on digital marketing.

They have own their website online for more traffic in order to profit. In addition to that without a good plan, it is definitely a hard job to perform.

So when planning comes to play in digital marketing keyword research is very crucial. Although it needs a technical touch the term called keyword research tools help u out from all.

Not only Keyword research tool helps u out from all difficulties but also survives your business to fall down.

In recent past many business owners without knowing the importance of keyword research tried to perform their job but all in vain.

The growing competition allows the customer to choose their product online with a better option today. Besides, they have their own way to search their product online.

When a customer visits a website he searches for a keyword of his wishing product. Accordingly, he finds it and buys his product.

Here on another hand, an exiting business owner wants his product to sell first on the raw. In digital marketing, the first raw stands for the best one.

Here, the best one means who completes the respective task in finding the keyword which a customer type in. So keyword research is a must in order to make a profit.

So now the question arises on how to find the best keyword? that’s exactly hit the customer targeted keyword which he types.

However, without the proper knowledge of finding the keyword is not easy. Subsequently, you need a keyword research tool to perform all this stuff.

Here are some keyword research tools u find in the market today.

1. Google suggests and Googles the autocomplete tool

Google suggest is a simple and easy way to find your targeted keyword. Besides, it helps u to find an overview of the audience around.

When someone types in the Google search button a number of items display.

Keyword research image one

Credit | Google

It is an auto display algorithm set by Google. u can use it as free for your long-tail keyword research. It is otherwise known as Google autocomplete.

Google autocomplete is a tool helping to find out a relation between your keyword and suggested keyword by google. It is quite helpful to make a long-tail keyword in the long run. Whenever a visitor enters a keyword in Google, it automatically generates a long-tail keyword in advance. Using this tool u can find the searching trends of people along with your keyword. It is clearly displayed when u enter your keyword.

For a content maker, these keywords make sense in the long run. If he uses these keywords besides the old one then he can see the magic behind it. While searching for keywords he could make a relation to this keyword to write his content.

Keyword search tool image two

Credit | Google

As it gives an automatic research idea at the bottom of the web page of every search. keyword planner

It works with Google ads. Those who wish to know the searching trends of people can apply here. U need to open an account on Google ads. U have to pay money to use this facility.

 keyword research tool image three

Credit | Google


This facility works through PPC, pay per click. When a customer searches their product online google ads promote this website at the top to show your web link. To avail of this, u have to pay google for your advertisement.

Using google keyword planner u can find the search volume, the no of advertisers in the market, the cost per click they paid, etc.
to search ur customer need.

3.Google trend

You can use Google trends to see the present trading scenario with a comparison with another keyword of your product.

With a recent search analysis idea as shown in the image below.

Keyword research tool image

Credit | Google

In order to Find the best long keyword idea, u can look from this website also. it is better to use as a keyword research tool in comparison to Google keyword planner as it is free. But it possibly not giving the exact search volume. It only shows the assuming search volume between 0 to 100 and so on.

Best option to find your searching keyword tool at one place using this platform uses the google autocomplete search using the real average volume search throughout the year. Google suggests has only given recent searching output. That may be a temporary idea not going to help u out as expected. But here u can get the real storage volume of over a year. Besides an average calculated search result which helps u a lot in the analysis.

Keyword research tool image five

Credit | Google

Not only it is free to use but also gives an exact search volume as expected. Here entry is free u can directly search your required keyword without any registration.


It is also one of the best platforms to search for keywords for free. u have free access around 1- 10 search every day.

Without any paid attributes u can use ubersuggest as a beginner. It gives u lots of ideas and support relating to your keyword research.

Keyword research tool ubersuggest

Credit | Google

Here u can see the result is quite interesting. Using this keyword researching tool u can get the volume as well as SD( SEO difficulties) in one raw. Finding the SEO difficulties u can easily target your audience. This keyword research tool is very helpful in order to rank your website.

To use more searching results u have to sign up and register yourself to this website.

6. Keyword everywhere

It is a free SREP checker tool. when u visit the first time to this website u have to sign up register yourself for free. Besides, u need a Chrome extension to avail of this facility entirely. After adding this u can register your website domain to know u position in SREP.

Keyword search

Credit | Google

Besides, a number of keyword research ideas, recommendations u could see free of cost.

Your domain performance is also a major tool to know your position. The keyword idea it suggests is helpful in the ranking. It can be your ultimate keyword research tool to figure out your domain’s error at the day end.

World is the free online keyword research tool u love to search in it. Not only it is free to check keyword but also provide information about search volume per month.


Credit | Google

Besides, it also gives an overall idea about SEO difficulties, competition, and keywords in one raw. Analyzing all data u can find your best keyword.

8. kwfinder

Kwfinder is a free searching keyword tool powered by mangools. it offers u free keyword search after registration. It offers a trial period for 10 days to check the viability. If u find it right u can upgrade and enjoy the pro version for unlimited.

9. Answer the public.

Answer the public is a tool where someone asks any question. It may be about his keyword related to niche, skills, development, or anything he wants it shows all the related answers in the net-like image.

Keword searching tool

Credit | Google

This shows ann overview idea about the people asking for a query and relates them to symmetric relation categories. Here the searching for a keyword was how to make coffee and the answer was all related long-tailed keywords the public looking for so far. When u click on these root links u get the related topic u want for. In this way, u can build an idea about the searching trend of people. Which really helps u to build your content with rich keyword u targetting for.

10. Rank tracker

Like another searching tool, the Rank tracker is also helpful in finding the right keyword for u. This rank tracker has its own specialty and judgment about your competitors. When u find your business growth, it is your competitor who matters most. Using this tool u can track the tricks, keywords, SEO techniques used by your competitor excellently. Subsequently, u can apply it to improve your position in SEO.

11. soovle

It is like Google suggests to give an overview of the automatic keyword within a second. As u enter your keyword in the search button and the result is on. The best stuff is that the soovle search engine gives u simultaneous data along with other tools like yahoo, bing, u tube,, etc.

Soovley keyword research

Credit | Google

This shows an overview idea about the people asking for a query and relates them to symmetric relation categories. Here the searching for a keyword was how to make coffee and the answer was all related long-tailed keywords the public looking for so far. When u click on these root links u get the related topic u want for. In this way, u can build an idea about the searching trend of people. Which really helps u to build your content with rich keyword u targetting for. search console

In the race of keyword searching tools, Google search Console plays an important role. when your website performs, it can be seen in the search console. the traffic from where they come from or how many clicks so far everything. As it is shown in the below image u would get a clear overview of the google search console.

Google search console

Credit | Google

Here u can also see the page which ranks in google with the related keyword. The keyword research can be easier when u know which keyword is fruitful in search console.

In addition to that, u can start a new keyword research idea relating to your niche. So that u can make new hurdles to achieve it. Keep working on more related keywords so that the more result would appear on the search console.

Best searching tool in the paid version

If u are looking for a long run business please use paid one. If you are a big company owner u must avail of the paid ones. But the question arises, Which paid one to use?

Here are the 3 best keyword research tool in the paid version in the market today. They are Ahrefs, Semrush, and Mozbar.

These toolbars are often used as a free trial version but in the long run, this would not be helpful. Rather it is better to choose the above-said keyword researching tool if u need it.

But as these tools come under the roof of premium they stand best than all free keyword tools. The data that these tools generate is 99% accurate with real-time analysis.

These tools are designed in such a way that it is able to give the analysis of the recent trends. But the free one gives u an average data maybe for a month or week.

So if u are stable enough to use these paid versions then definitely go for it. If u are unable then the free version will also help u a lot no doubt, if u make a good analysis on it.





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