NBA starts virtual playground for his fans.

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Good news for basketball fans NBA starts virtual playground for his playing session for 2019-20 on this July. NBA is going to use the virtual playground for players and fans. This was the announcement made by the NBA.

As the COVID 19 pandemic is spread all over the globe, most of the country is facing the crisis in either lockdown or shut down status. The sports are also affected by stiffly. It is really a great step towards the technology revolution for the first time in the history of the game.

NBA starts a virtual playground a new platform.

The introduction of a virtual playground is a digitalized perform platform. Where there is no fan physically to watch the game but it is created through the technology in such a manner that the same heat and environment will be designed. So that it seems like a real game of basketball. It is really a gift for fans from the NBA sports academy.

the game will be played in” together mode project”, this technology is launched with the help of Microsoft.

NBA and Microsoft have a long relationship over the launching of the technology. Finally, the project is being materialized and the project is now going to be available soon this month. It has been planned to introduce the big screen placed on the stand which captures the faces of each individual fan backstage. About more than 300 fans would have the opportunity to watch the game.

The playground will be deployed with more than 300 number of led screens expected to be installed on the stands.

This is going to be a new experience for both fans and players. It has been agreed that the virtual platform would use the technology of virtual intelligence to perform the game successfully.  NBA starts virtual playground with the use of technology is on news today and it is an extraordinary step taken by the NBA and truly a gift for the fan around the globe.

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