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In the era of digital marketing, the buying habits of people has taken a sharp inclined towards online marketing. As the market shifts online day by day, people choose the best way to make online payments. Most of the people prefer to use payment apps for their daily transaction. These payment apps are also popularly known as an e-wallet. The banking transactions are now available to them not far away than just a fingertip. According to the survey, more than 50% of people use mobile apps or e-wallet for payment.

Hassle-free transactions are designed to make it easy and customer friendly. Various banking and non-banking companies design their payment apps for customers. If you are a unique online shopper then it is handy to use them. Not only it saves time but also gives comfort and security to payment app users.

There are various mobile payment app launched and driving today. It is easily available and seen when an online transaction appears. There are many options like payment through net banking, debit card, credit card, etc appear. Although it is safe to use all these options. But e-wallet or payment apps are much handier than others. Besides, it is more user-friendly and supper fast results as compared to other options.

So in this topic, we would like to cover the mobile payment apps or e-wallet which is best in use.

16 best mobile payment apps that drive the Indian market online today.

Whenever a payment option appears, the following e-wallets or payment apps option is best to use to purchase your product.

1.paytm pay.
3.Amazone pay. charge
5.yono Sbi. money.
10.Ola money
13.Axis Bank Lime
15.ICICI Pockets

1.paytm payment apps/e-wallet

Paytm e-wallet was launched in January 2014 in the Indian provides e-commerce platforms all over the country today.

Using e-wallet services one can recharge, book train tickets, buy movies ticket, book flight tickets, etc. The Paytm payment app is a popular wallet. it launched its services of gift cards and rail booking and many more to make itself popular among Indian clients.

Since then it is successfully driving the market till now. it has a large customer base across all over India. All android phone users can get this by simply downloading the app from the google play store.

Besides, It has also a special future called Paytm FASTag where u can pay the toll tax anywhere. To use this feature u just have to recharge your FASTag option through Paytm. In addition to this, the payment app also provides an option to open a virtual account. Where u can store up to Rs 10000 per account.

Again if u want to store more money up to 100000 then u have to verify your KYC as per RBI guideline.

  • How to register?
  • Login to the Paytm app.
  • Verify your account details.
  • Link your card to the Paytm app.
  • Add money to the wallet.

Then start your hassle-free transaction, services whichever is available and offered by the Paytm payment apps. pay apps.

Google pay is a popular digital wallet. Besides, an extended useful payment app that drives people to use more of its user-friendly interface. Initially, it is known as Android pay but later google owned the property and renamed it as google pay. In India, it is launched as a UPI based Tez app but later it changed its brand name to google pay.

This apps uses two-layer authentication and runs with the technology called Tokenisation Specification and works on the EMV payment system. It protects the user’s credit card, debit card, net banking credentials. In addition to this, creates a virtual ecosystem and generates codes for payments. U can use it for bill payment, transfer funds anywhere, booking tickets, fees for students, and so on. As it is used google branding people trust it as worthy and best to use.

3.Amazon payment apps.

Amazon Pay is an electronic wallet popularly used in the Amazon merchant store. Where u can use the money for purchasing your product. Besides, it also helps to give donations at a third party website, u can also purchase goods, services available near u if u want.

To use this payment app you should have an active amazon account. When u can register yourself through your valid id available. After registration, u can add money to your payment app. This can be done by adding your credit card or debit card to your e-wallet. After adding u are ready to use it where it is applicable. charge (payment apps)

It is an online mobile recharge service offers for every brand that available in the Indian market today. Specifically, it offers services like BSNL, idea voda phone, Airtel, Tata Docomo (GSM), jio, etc.

However, it launched its payment app and e-wallet through which u can book many services. Example like BookMyShow, twiggy, is some of its partners where u can use this payment app. In addition to this, It also offers some coupons while recharging your mobile. U can use it for free to various services. Besides, it offers various services like DTH recharge, gas bill, water bill payment, etc. You can do all theses by simply login to this payment app.

5. Yono sbi

Yono sbi is a beautiful product offer by the state bank of India to its customer. However, It is a net banking cum e-wallet payment app designed to hassle-free services to its customers. U can book air tickets, bus, railway tickets, shopping, and many more. Along with the recharge, facilities are awesome. Subsequently, u love to use it. Because at the same time it offers banking experience on the same platform.

u can download the app from the play store from your android phone. Furthermore, u can simply register it through your ATM card to get all it’s services online without any difficulty. money

Airtel offers it’s a customer to open a digital account with a hassle-free transaction over the internet. Furthermore, it has a virtual card payment system which u can use it as a Debit card. It offers a payment bank account where u can store money. In addition to this, It generates a virtual account number where u can get money from another airtel user. u can add money to this payment app by simply log in to this interface. Using your debit card or net baking u can add money to this e-wallet.

Like other apps, it offers u to recharge any mobile no and payment for utility bills in a second. Besides, it’s the strength to act as a bank account where money can be sent and received. As a payment app, this is awesome to use in day to day life.


Payzapp is another mobile payment app for android phones to gain their popularity widely. this app was launched by HDFC bank for it’s the customer. In order to make convenient hasslefree transaction experience in a mobile device, it looks awesome. This app is designed to make online payments and transfer money to any other bank. HDFC bank customers as well as outsiders can use it by simply register their mobile number on android mobile phones. u can just add your debit card or credit card to the link. it is compatible with any bank, so link your cards to avail of these services.

It has multiple options like online bill payment, online money transfer, Bharat QR, online movie booking, book travel, and many more. u can download it from google play store all compatible for android phones. after installation, u can get all its services in just one click.

8.mobikwik payment apps.

Mobikwik is an electronic wallet popularly used for recharging mobile and bill payments. Mobikwik is located at Gurgaon in India. This company was established in 2009 with the pioneering idea of digital payment solutions to customers. this company launched his payment app in 2013 after getting approval from RBI. This mobile-based payment app not only provides payment gateways but also the company got approval for providing small loans by RBI. It is used in any Android mobile phones available to you.

In order to register you have to simply log in by your mobile number or email u acquire. After login, u have to add money to this e-wallet through your debit card or credit card whichever u want. After loading money to your wallet u can purchase goods or shop in a market place. U can also send money to third-party arty vendors directly to his wallet.

9.Oxigen payment apps.

Oxygen wallet a simplified payment app is a unit of oxygen services India Pvt Ltd company. It is an India based company established in the year 2004. Its headquarters is at Gurgaon. Oxygen service is a part of fintech industries. Like another mobile payment app, it also provides all the services that u need. The services like bill payment, online recharge, money transfer, mobile/DTH recharge, etc in just one click.

This company was founded by Pramod Saxena. Oxygen services deal with the micropayment of services and remittances of money on a real-time basis. In addition to this, Oxygen company is listed on the South African stock exchange.

The transaction volume more than 600 million per annum with more than 150 million customer base reported so far to this company. Using this payment app one can get money anywhere to any bank irrespective of any banking portfolio. These facilities are being availed after prior approval from the RBI guideline by the company in 2013.
This payment app is compatible and available at iOS App Store, Google play store, and windows.

10. ola money payment apps.

Ola money is another popular payment app and digital payment is the fastest, safest, and easy way to get your desired transaction in just one click. This app is developed by ola. U can use this to book a cab, ola, uber for your travel needs. Moreover, u love to book movies ticket, BookMyShow tickets, recharge online, mobile/DTH, book train ticket, and many more. It has the ability to store your payment cards digitally. In addition to this, it provides u virtual card facilities securing your original card credentials.

Besides, net banking is another option to store money to this wallet anytime u want.
u can tap your mobile to recharge, Utility bill payment in a single raw. It provides u a great user experience any time u want.

11.Phone pay

India’s one of the fastest mobile payment app “phone pay” is capable of driving millions of customers to its single user interface.
this dynamic digital payment app is an acquired version of Flipkart company. It was founded by Sameer Nigam along with Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer a group of employees at Flipkart in Dec 2015. Its headquarter is located in Bangalore India. Phone pay launched its first payment gateway in august 2016 using UPI. Popularly known as the unified payment interface. this UPI can be generated through your card number and pin issued by the bank.

Once u enter your credential u would get a UPI pin. this UPI pin is applicable to all interface that uses the UPI Payment system. Example Bhim app where u can use the same credential u use in payphone can be applicable. This payment app is built for financial services to the customer. It offers and available in 11 different Indian languages for customer convenience.

Besides, financial services it provides all other same facilities which its competitor’s payment app provides.

12.MSwipe payment apps.

MSwip payment app is designed to provide smart POS merchant services all over India. This app provides a mobile Pos operating software that works mainly on QR code. after installation of this app, it provides a POS terminal benefit gateway. Where merchants can use this as virtual POS instead of using physical POS. It provides merchants as well as customers a hassle-free banking service experience. In addition to this, it can be accessible, anywhere on the location of the availability of mobile networks.

Mswipe smart pos merchant gateway is a gift for small and micro merchants all over the country. More than 5 lakhs smart Pos merchant holders are now availing these facilities. Besides, with QR code scanning facilities to their customer provides easy access to every banking needs.

13.Axis Bank Lime.

Like yono sbi, this app has the same attributes of shopping, payment, and banking all in one platform. Axis bank launched this integrating wallet to provide its customer with a hassle-free user experience gateway. This Axis bank lime e-wallet a payment app provides seamless service of banking like account opening to cash out facilities from ATM. Besides, one can shop and purchase products without any use cards.

Besides, this e-wallet has a gateway to add money from credit cards, debit cards, and net banking at any time. After entering the amount you have to authenticate the transaction with 4 digit mpin to make successful transactions. It offers all common services like recharge mobile to payment of utility bills in just one click. In addition to this, it has all facilities to realize your payment expenses months. Which gives an overview of your expenses habit over a month. This helps you to manage your expenditure and control your expenses habits.


PayUmoney is a payment app that accepted your debit card and credit card to add money. If u see its background, this PayUmoney is a product of payU company. Besides, the company is a fintech company which provides online services for payment requirement to the online merchant. besides, it provides an interface that integrates the web and mobile in a single user interface. It is necessarily accepted as a Global payment app gateway rolled out in 17 countries including India.

In India, it is rolled out jointly by a traveler company ibibo and co-founders Nitin Gupta along with Shailaz Nag in 2011. They launched a PayU payment gateway in the Indian market. This payU is managed by the financial institution that holds licenses from national banks. In addition to this, it holds a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway for security. Which protects your payment and provide security layers to Visa/Master cards. It creates a layer called anti-fraud system whenever u make payment online.

15.ICICI Pockets

ICICI pocket is a visa powered e-wallet launched by ICICI bank India’s largest privet bank. Pocket is a payment gateway that uses a debit card, credit card to add money to its wallet. This e-wallet is compatible with any bank’s cards. whether it is a debit card or credit card all it accepts. Like another app u can use this payment app for bill payment, recharge mobile, booking tickets, payment for a utility bill, etc, It has another great feature providing u a physical payment card for shopping.

U need not hold any other card if u use Pocket. It has a dynamic physical card that can be used at any shopping and payment outlets.


The citrus payment app is another UPI based app u can use it for all payments that leads online. Starting from your mobile recharge to online money transfer all u can do from this payment app. This payment app is used as a unified payment interface to generate a UPI Based pin to every payment. That’s means u have to authenticate your payment with this UPI pin in every transaction u make online.

It provides a menu for both merchants and customers to log in to their respective e-wallets. The pages it provides is simple in design and user friendly in use. Therefore more than 21 million + customer is registered and trusts this payment app today. This payment app also holds a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway that protects visa cards and master cards from online fraud. Besides, a card storage vault with security features. where u can store unlimited cards protecting from misplacing, damage or loss.


So these are some of the best payment apps in the Indian market today. which u can use to make your day to day shopping experience more exciting. We recommend do use and make your payment convenient out of it.




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