Payment gateway meaning, type, and know how it works over the internet.

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The role and meaning of payment gateway in online marketing are crucial today.  Let’s jump into the topic to know why?

With the growing trend of internet and digital marketing people often search their products and services online. In this scenario, Payment gateways play an important role to make the event successful.

In fact, without Payment gateway, the above trends would not deliver the desired comfort to the client as well as the merchant.

Payment gateways mean a lot for a merchant in order to sell his product online. In other words, Payment gateways play a crucial role when it comes to purchasing the products online.

It is important for both clients and merchants as far as convenience is concerned.

Let’s find the payment gateway meaning when it comes to online shopping.

Online Payment gateway

Payment Gateway is nothing but the interface that runs through a software API technology. This API is known as Application programming interface software that works in the merchant’s web browser.

payment gateway meaning and it’s importance highlights the mechanism of merchant service. Furthermore, it can be understood when a website event is performed.

Exp. If u come across online shopping u would have noticed the check out option before purchasing. Soon after, u click check out it takes u into an internal landing page where u would get payment apps and all options for buying.

In fact, a payment gateway is the landing page where a buying option appears over the internet. This can be easily understood when u decide to choose a payment option after selecting your desired product.

The page that appears after checkout is a payment webpage or payment landing page. in fact, the payment landing page performs the role payment agreement.

In fact, it becomes a mediator between the client and the merchant. it offers an interface for payment options like a credit card, debit card, e-wallet or net banking, etc. The whole mechanism through which it managed is known as a payment gateway.

History of evolution in the payment system

The business evaluation started its journey from the barter system through the exchange of values or objects. And gradually shifting to the present system of online exchange of business. through banknotes, payment orders, checks, charge cards, electronic payment methods, and various payment methods.

All these payment methods are now done through mobile and other electronic devices. Most of the people in the world today prefer to use the internet. Knowing the fact, retailers shift their existing business towards e-commerce platform for better results.

Every company is trying to make blueprints of their business into e-businesses. It helps them to manage their business more effectively in order to get more profit. It helps customers buy goods sitting in their homes. And merchants can sell their goods to all around the world.

Thus payment has become a remarkably popular payment system on the planet due to the efficiency and effectiveness of internet payments. Mobile Payments and other wireless services draw effective communication to run their business in a wide area across the globe.

As almost all the company, retailers and business owners run their business on e-commerce platform today. it is necessary to have a featured payment gateway to perform the necessary stuff it involves.

Let’s explore More the meaning of Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an agency
Who authenticates payments for e-businesses and internet retailers. Besides, it helps to build an interface where the user enters and puts his required information. Eventually complete his payment by giving the details of credit card, debit card, or net banking. Subsequently, the process gets successful and the client purchases his desired product or service.

Payment gateways are a fundamental part of businesses that are online. It provides many benefits such as being safe trades, high security in depositing cash automatically, etc.

So payment gateway security is now an important element. Payment gateways utilize various mechanisms to improve safety features. The security features of this payment gateway are the most important section of this research on online payment.

Mechanism of payment gateway.

Online shopping payment

Online business is a significant role in today’s business world. It’s quite a simple means of buying and selling products and services for the active world. The overall model for payment trade is comprised of five chief parties.

They are customer, retailer, an issuer that’s that the customer’s financial establishment, an acquirer that’s that the merchant’s financial institution along with the payment gateway.

The client doesn’t directly interact or act with all the payment gateway. The practice of the payment gateway functions can be arranged as follows.

  • The first client chooses items from the retailer’s website and inserts them into a shopping cart.
  • Afterward, the client supplies his credit card information to the retailer.
  • After accept or refuse the trade, the lender sends a reaction to the gateway.
  • and then the gateway sends a reaction to the retailer.
  • Afterward, the retailer sends answers and supplies bought items to the client.
  • As the item is bought by the client, now retailer instructs the payment gateway to release his payment.

Eventually, the payment gateway verifies the retailer and deposits cash from the retailer’s account.

Let’s see the security concern involve in payment gateways

In an e-commerce business, payment gateway plays a major role in authentication purposes. As the client enters his sensitive information over the internet it is necessary to have a safeguard. Failing to which the whole process of e-commerce business would be in vain.

With the rapid growth of internet payments threats of safety like malware, theft, data protection breaches, malware, spyware, and hacking have been raised.

Therefore clients prefer such payment gateways that meet their requirements and supply privacy and security.

In a payment gateway the authentication, integrity, security, confidentiality, and non-repudiation are crucial. However, these are the major pillar of the whole process.

Authentication means confirming the identities of buyers and sellers. There ought to be a mutual authentication involving payment gateway as well as other parties.

This means that preventing unauthorized alteration of information while it is in the communication network.

when we going through the integrity process it is necessary to highlight its involves the integrity between client and retailer as well as the payment gateway. Collectively, they form an integrity circle to make an e-commerce business successful.

In addition to this, it ensures and protects unauthorized access to third-party. This can be an essential feature because the client’s credit card details are all moving via the payment gateway.

And it must ensure concerning the secrecy of those specifics Participants of trade. Besides, it asserts they did not participate in trade due to repudiation.

Safety is the ultimate need for clients who performs the transaction in online outlets. They would not have any assurance if payment gateways aren’t ensuring credibility and security.

All these security features protect and guide the client as well as the merchant in an e-commerce business. So payment gateway safety has become the most crucial thing to analyze.

Types of payment gateway and it’s a security feature.

You could find more payment gateways all around the world these days. Some of the popular gateways are listed below.
2.CCA revenue
6.Google check out

As far as security is concerned most of the payment gateways own their security protocol secret. However, most of them use security protocols like data encryption, PCI-DSS certification, firewalls, and much more security protocol mechanism to protect the client’s information and sensitive data.

Let’s see some of the popular payment gateway’s security features available in the market today.

Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Authorize.Net uses various mechanisms to supply additional security solutions for their retailers and clients. This payment gateway ensures their client to protect them from fraud while making online payments. In addition to this, they claim their powerful encryption procedures are best in every aspect. Like maintenance of security protocol to encryption technology, all doing great as per the client’s expectation.

Authorize.Net performs its transaction through the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Which provides a security layer for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.

in order to protect, Client Data on web is very useful. They follow all the higher-level security features to protect the business, industry, or Govt.utilization software from hacking. Besides, they deploy security protocols to protect client information. Which helps clients preventing fraud from third parties.

They use the Address Verification Service (AVS) to protect industries and Govt institutions from fraud. Besides, a Card Code Verification (CCV) to provide an extra layer of security to make it more complex for addition to this, they provide a special feature software called Fraud detection suit(FDS) to safeguard their client from future fraud.

PayPal payment gateway

PayPal is another best payment gateway that helps its clients to feel more secure. They store customer’s sensitive information such as credit card numbers more securely in their servers.

PayPal is a safe landing page where u can simply add your email and mobile number for registration. After registration, it sends an email verification code to activate its account. When u do these security features it stores your data and protects information from unauthorized access.

They use strong encryption methods to transmit data from one place to another. Besides, Use Automated software that automatically sent data to higher-level security.

They enable their software to 128-bit SSL encryption so that data can be transmitted securely. Besides, they ensure to store sensitive information securely with data protection.

As a result of which customers and merchants both feel secure and gain confidence. They owned business leading certification like PCI-DSS to meet the client requirement.

Furthermore, they schedule the transaction monitoring procedure from time to time. Which enables them to find the fraud initiative if it happens.

CC Avenue payment gateway.

CCAvenue is one of the best which comes with the same feature as PayPal. It provides security to clients entering in a web browser for payment. As the client enters his personal particulars and sensitive credit card information, it encrypts the highly sensitive data immediately.

When the client enters information on the webpage it encrypts it into 128-bit layer encryption before transmitting data. Also have features not to store any of the client information in their databases. Following security guidelines of the client’s right.

It uses strong firewall protection to provide maximum security. Eventually, ensure protection from unauthorized access to consumers’ data.

With the use of 128 bit Standard Sockets Layer protection CCAvenue stands best among another payment gateway. Not only it is best for data encryption but also it remarkable for its inhouse guideline. Ultimately, ensuring the security and gain the confidence of clients.


When most of the businesses try moving to online business and most of the clients likely to do their own payment through online payments. in this scenario, payment gateway security becomes more significant.

There are various payment gateways and they have their own security features. As far as security is concern it is essential to know all of them. However, the payment gate u prefer is most important in this scenario.

With the growth of online transactions, the number of hackers also increases. The impact of phishing activities would also be inclined at the same rate.

So we need to continue looking for the betterment of safety features to protect the trade information and data licking. In order to get better service with high safety.



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