VPN security review reported 7 vpn is at risk to use

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If u are using a free VPN the news is helpful for u. Recently Vpn security review by VPNmentor reported that 7 Vpn free provider service who Claims that no logs have been kept for security purposes without exposing anyone but has recently seen 1.2 terabytes of private user data is exposed to the internet.

After identifying the data Researchers at VPMenter, who revealed these leaks. After conducting a VPN security review, they said that the data found on server-side servers contained personally identifiable information (PII) of 20 million VPN users.

In addition to personal details, the server has also been found to collect multiple Internet activity logs, including users ’email and home addresses, clear-text passwords, and IP addresses, suspecting supplier’s’ claims about tight logs Hub Policies.

The list of VPN security review by VPN mentor.

The list defaulter is UFO VPN, Fast VPN, Free VPN, Super VPN, Flash VPN, Secure VPN, and Rabbit VPN all included in this event. The report states that all of these Hong Kong-based services have a shared developer and app, and are considered white-label solutions, replicated under different brands for other companies. This option is based on the same elastic server sharing services, hosting on the same assets, and services sharing to the same recipient for payment.

The researchers conducted a series VPN security review of tests using UFO VPN, one of the VPN services. After downloading and using the mobile app to connect to servers around the world, their activities are recorded in a database, which includes their personal details, including email address, IP, address, device, and server They are connected. In addition to verifying his suspicions, he found that the database logged his username and password used to create the account.

The database contains technical information about the devices with which VPNs are installed, such as the original IP address, Internet service provider, actual location, device type, type and ID, and the user’s network connection. VPNMenter reported that “a connected VPN server user has also exposed their region and IP address.

Reported to authority for action

In short, reviewing security all the details logged and revealed by these self-proclaimed “no-log” VPN services can cause problems for their users in different ways. VPNs are used for a number of important reasons, including adding an extra layer of security and privacy, using strictly illegal content in some countries (some illegal pornography), geographic restrictions, or bypassing political activists.

Depending on the malicious actor being targeted, VPN users may be targeted by phishing campaigns, fall prey to fraud or face blackmail, arrest, and harassment.

Following the responsible disclosure guidelines, the researchers revealed a lack of security to VPN providers on 5 July and contacted the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team on 8 July. On 15 July the server was shut down.

Users of these seven VPN providers are advised to switch to another service and consider changing their login information to another online account. This report should not in any way prevent you from using a VPN, but as a reminder to choose your VPN provider carefully.

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