Windows 10 enabled to run android apps on desktop

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Amazing apps features for your android mobile phone is rolling out as per the news From Microsoft. Where you would have full access over mobile phone apps with control from your Windows 10 devices.

It is said that you will soon have access to your mobile phone’s apps on your PC -if you’ve got the right android mobile phone, in this context. Microsoft is rolling out a Windows 10 with the latest feature with upgraded support of running apps of your Samsung device.

Features come with latest windows 10

Its upgraded software is built to support for conducting mobile apps on your desktop computer. This extension has already been guessed earlier, as promised before when Samsung revealed the Galaxy Note 20.

You won’t need to reach for your handset just to check on a mobile-only. In addition to this, u can also all access your social network or purchase lunch from a delivery app right just from your desktop.

Apps run in different windows to allow for multitasking, and you’ll be able to pin them to your Start menu or Taskbar. you should also use them frequently enough. You can use a mouse, keyboard, and impressions to socialize.


As mentioned before, however, you can not just use this with any mobile device. Along with the newest Phone software on your Windows 10 program, you’ll need a mobile phone with the most recent Link to Windows integration. However, for now, that means a Samsung phone running Android 9.0 (Pie) or afterward could be used. Before what needed that The computer and mobile phone have to be on precisely the same WiFi network. so this will not be an option for assessing the mobile phones you forgot in your home.

However, this is awesome and a big step up from phone screen mirroring. You don’t have to handle everything one window or wade through your mobile phone’s OS. Rather, u can do simply launch a favorite program in multiple windows. It is not seamlessly integration of mobile and desktop which Microsoft pictured with Continuum earlier. However, it is much similar to this technology.


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